Be an instant genius!

Be an instant genius!

It’s a proven fact that no one knows everything.  At some point you will have to learn a new task or gain new knowledge in order to accomplish your goals. 

Being able to efficiently find that grain of knowledge out of a sea of noise and information on the internet takes real skill and practice. 

Here are a few  useful research tools on the internet and when and how to use them!

Of course Google is at the top of the list.  They are the 900 pound gorilla in the research arena.  Google indexes, or knows about, 80% of all the webpages on the internet.  This means that virtually anything you want to know about can be found with Google. 

Simply typing in “California Sales Tax” will return so many results that you are left with millions of hits and you are no better off than before!  There are several things you can do to refine your results to be more useful.

          Start any search of this nature with “How Do I…..” and what you want.  This will give you sites that are more step by step.

          Use search filters.  For a good list of tips and tricks goto:  Using the tips from this site will make you a Googlexpert!

          Be sure of your sources!  You can find anything on the internet….for example I have it on the internets authority that there is no God but we should all believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster  or that the world will end in 2012 on my birthday!

o   My favorite way is to go straight to the source,  searching for “ How do I Sales Tax for your small business in California” followed by inurl:gov  this means that any search will return ONLY .gov webpages.  And of you cant trust the government who can you trust 😉

          Have a clear idea of what you want to find.  Often people will start looking for something with only a vague notion of what they want.  They trust in the miracle of the internet to fill in their lack of planning.



How Do I…..

There are many sites in this category.  These sites give step by step directions or videos on how to do just about anything!  Simply search for what you trying to learn and you should find a plethora of useful information.  Here are a few of my favorites:

 This one is my absolute favorite!


Local Results

In any search engine typing in the search your city and state usually returns more local results.  Trying to find a good handyman or plumber or anything can be difficult if you don’t.   There are also many local “portals” or sites dedicated to your own city that local businesses often use to reach their local customers.



Learning how to effectively research topics is going to b the #1 skill that employers will be looking for in any field because no one can know it all but you can always find the answer.



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