Fake Anti Viruses! How to Recognize them.

Fake Anti virus software is designed to look like a legitimate program trying to help you.  The way they infect you is to get you to click anywhere on their window.  Once you do this you bypass all protection you could have and give permission for that program to do whatever it wants!  This includes downloading other actual malware and infecting your computer.

  Here are some screen shots of common Fakes:



  One way to recognize them is if you see them scanning and thy find results ultra fast.  Normal scans take several hours in some cases and won’t show results until the end.  Also you should know what Antivirus package you have an be familiar with its messages.  If they ask for money it is a fake. 

They are also very difficult to prevent

It is possible to clean the PC after an infection but it is very difficult and in some cases you may need to reload the PC completely!

Please watch out for these as they can cause your PC to stop working entirely.

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