Greatest mobile device ever…for the moment!

So every single day there are a million gadgets released.  The netbook revolution and the IPad being released highlights consumer demand for easily portable, multi-function devices that can give them information access.

Enter my newest favorite portable, the Toshiba Libretto

Check out a review here:

When it releases (early next year…hopefully) it would be a great device for practically everyone.  The one downside is their projected rice of $1100.  I feel like that is goig to come down withthe large number of competitors in the market.

I hope it has Bluetooth and CDMA/GSM access.  If so it could be used as a VOIP phone!  this means I would only have to carry 1 device with me…in a fashionable man bag 🙂

So for all those looking at the IPad but dont want to be locked into the Apple / AT and T unholy alliance here are a few alternatives:

Happy Computing!

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