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Happy Sysadmin Day!

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Today is Systems Administration Appreciation Day!

Today you should thank your hard working IT professionals who take care of your most critical tools.  Take them to lunch, buy them a Ferrari or do something to show how much you appreciate their effort on your behlaf!

Most important give them a call or email and say “Thanks, everything working great!”  that will really make their day.

IT professionals are among the most overworked and underpaid segment of our society.  Many times they fix insurmountable problems with no resources in no time.  When they accomplish these feats it largely goes unnoticed by users who demand instant fixes to impossible problems.

So make your System Administrator very happy by complimenting them.  that’s all they want….just a little love!

Fake Anti Viruses! How to Recognize them.

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Fake Anti virus software is designed to look like a legitimate program trying to help you.  The way they infect you is to get you to click anywhere on their window.  Once you do this you bypass all protection you could have and give permission for that program to do whatever it wants!  This includes downloading other actual malware and infecting your computer.

  Here are some screen shots of common Fakes:



  One way to recognize them is if you see them scanning and thy find results ultra fast.  Normal scans take several hours in some cases and won’t show results until the end.  Also you should know what Antivirus package you have an be familiar with its messages.  If they ask for money it is a fake. 

They are also very difficult to prevent

It is possible to clean the PC after an infection but it is very difficult and in some cases you may need to reload the PC completely!

Please watch out for these as they can cause your PC to stop working entirely.

Basic Computer Security – 6 things you need to know.

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Many users are being subjected to more sophisticated attacks on their home and work computers.  Many of these attacks are designed to look like legitimate security programs or services in order to trick the user into giving permission to the attack software to do whatever it wants!

Many users believe that a firewall or anti-virus product is enough to protect them.  Sadly the number 1 failure of security is the USER!  Users who open email attachments, users who click on banner ads, users who go to malicious sites on the web, users who put strange thumb drives in their PC’s!

So if you are a user here is the education to save you lots of time, money and headaches

  1. Firewalls, Anti-virus and Anti-Mal ware are not bullet proof
    • While these components of security are essential they do not protect against user intervention.  the most recent wave of Fake Anti Virus  attacks proves this.  Security is not a 1 step fix.  It is an ongoing awareness that some people in the world are out to exploit you.
    • Make sure that your firewall, anti-virus and anti-malware are up to date.  1000’s of new malware are released every single day.
  2. Do Not Click!
    • Banner ads may or may not be trustworthy.  Save yourself the hassle do not click on them.  You probably didn’t need that Homer Simpson Chia head anyway.
    • Again with Fake Anti Viruses.  they don’t really hurt until you click on them.  this includes clicking NO or the red X.  they are very sneaky and will execute malicious code even though you do not want it.  Safe bet is once you see the Fake AV hold the power button on your PC until it turns off.
  3. Do Not Open Emails, not just attachments
    • Simply opening some emails is enough to trigger their dangerous payload.  If you do not recognize the sender or it seems fishy in anyway DO NOT OPEN IT.  You can always call that person to verify they sent the email.
  4. Trust No Website
    • You should treat all websites as if the are aout to get you.  Seems paranoid and cynical but hackers target high traffic sites specifically because they have lots of traffic.  even if they only compromise the site for a minute that can translate to 100,000 users infected.
    • If the website asks you to download something to view a file or redirects you to a different site close your browser immediately.
  5. Read.  Don’t just press OK
    • Most problems on your PC will display some kind of onscreen prompt.  Whether it is a Fake AV or a legitimate program stop and Read.  Then use your best judgment on what you should do. Messages that say “Press OK and you get a free iPad” are probably not legitimate.
    • If you are unsure call your IT professional and they can usually advise you one way or the other over the phone.
  6. Be Aware
    • Know what protection software you have and what it looks like.
    • Be discerning in opening emails websites etc
    • Practice Safe Computing by being aware of different threats and staying educated.

A good thing to do is to be sure and hire qualified a IT Management company to give you an extra layer of protection and to actively manage your security.

Be safe on the net!

Greatest mobile device ever…for the moment!

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

So every single day there are a million gadgets released.  The netbook revolution and the IPad being released highlights consumer demand for easily portable, multi-function devices that can give them information access.

Enter my newest favorite portable, the Toshiba Libretto

Check out a review here:

When it releases (early next year…hopefully) it would be a great device for practically everyone.  The one downside is their projected rice of $1100.  I feel like that is goig to come down withthe large number of competitors in the market.

I hope it has Bluetooth and CDMA/GSM access.  If so it could be used as a VOIP phone!  this means I would only have to carry 1 device with me…in a fashionable man bag 🙂

So for all those looking at the IPad but dont want to be locked into the Apple / AT and T unholy alliance here are a few alternatives:

Happy Computing!

Welcome to our Blog!

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Welcome to Our Blog!

We will be posting thoughts, article and general commentary on all things technical for our clients to keep up to date!

Please feel free to post comments and send our blog onto your friends, Facebook and other social media contacts!